Special situations investment


Galiant’s investment team focuses on originating opportunities to deploy capital into special situations within the global private debt markets. Investments are executed by Galiant as principal or in partnership with third party debt investors.

Galiant’s strategy is to generate capital appreciation by targeting investment opportunities with attractive risk adjusted returns that are uncorrelated to underlying industry fundamentals. Galiant’s focus is on the development of a portfolio of investments diversified across several industries and geographies.


Galiant focuses on deploying capital into secured private debt / credit instruments with return upside optionality. Galiant is a long-term investor with a preference for partnerships with proven management teams and businesses with strong cash flow potential.

Galiant is willing to consider distressed/workout opportunities as well as investments in emerging markets.

Adherence to transparent international environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards underpin all of Galiant’s investment activities.

Long-term investor with a diversified investment strategy