Introduction to Galiant


Galiant is a leading independent investment banking firm focused exclusively on the global debt markets.

Galiant was established in 2020 by a team of senior professionals with backgrounds as advisors, lenders and borrowers, able to provide unique insights and expertise into the global debt markets.

Galiant is privately held and provides its clients with a partner driven approach to transaction management supported by an international network of industry specific Senior Advisors. Galiant’s aim is to develop long term relationships with its clients and assist them to secure the best available funding solutions in continuously evolving global markets.

Galiant’s professional team is as diverse as its client base and Galiant strongly believes in providing a custom and transparent approach to every client whilst utilizing the best-in-class financial markets technology solutions.


The global debt markets have seen unprecedented recent change and continue to evolve, driven predominantly by increased regulatory restrictions. The traditional commercial banking sector continues to fragment, new entrants are establishing themselves as credible alternatives and industry specific pools of capital increasingly provide niche sources of liquidity.

Facing these challenges, clients require advisors with proven debt product experience, industry specific expertise, and a global reach without the typical conflicts faced by large diversified financial institutions.

Galiant combines proven structuring expertise, global relationships and technology innovations to provide its clients with bespoke solutions to their complex challenges.

Transparency, collaboration and innovation